Do you have something special to celebrate?
Casa Boquera is a different place to be surrounded by your friends and family.

"The place of good memories"

Weddings | Communions | Christenings | Jubilees | Birthdays

To celebrate your most special moments,Casa Boquera accommodation and restaurant.

2 restaurants and 2 bars

Depending on the size of your celebration we can adjust your venue to suite your wishes. Whatever you decide, we will make it special.

Wine Cellar

Why not bring your guests to our wine cellar and let them explore some of the secrets of wine. We will be happy to assist you . Maybe we can tempt you to a cigar or a glass of high class brandy to complete your meal?

Open and closed terraces

Our accommodation is surrounded by terraces and offers beautiful views all around. We can cater up to 300 guests.

Garden and pool area

The garden is surrounded by the accommodation and offers a private intimate venue for a celebration.

Vineyard area

Bring your guests outside and let them experience the vineyard first hand.

Private dining area

For a small gathering, we can offer a private dining/meeting room where you can have dinner, talk, hold speeches, sing, whatever you wish, without disturbing anyone else.

Celebrate your special moments in Casa Boquera!

Tell us what you want and let us advise you to make it possible!