The definition of «the good life» is often related to food and wine. We have taken this to heart and wish to give you a perfect experience with us at our restaurant.

We have composed two menus to choose from. The ingredients are closely related to our surroundings and the actual season, and is therefore changed at least four times a year.

Our open kitchen gives you the opportunity to see the masters at work and creates at the same time a homely, relaxed atmosphere.
Perfect for friends and family as well as business relations.

Take the opportunity of dining in a vineyard and visit our wine cellar. Choose the perfect wine or let us recommend one for you.

We seat 40 people inside and can offer celebrations for up to 300 guests when using our enclosed terrace. We have of course composed special menus for special occasions.

Welcome to the good life and the Casa Boquera Restaurant!

horario restaurante boquera

Gourmet Restaurant Schedule

Open every day in September/October

Lunch from 13:30 to 15:30
Dinner from 20:00 to 22:30
Tasting menu not available Sundays and Mondays


Deep inside the heart of the accommodation you will find an outdoor/inside garden. A majestic palm tree stretches up from a small water mirror, through the ceiling and up to the light of the garden outside. Relax in comfortable furniture, enjoy the scenery of the beautiful surroundings of plants and flowers, hear the sound of the trickling of the small waterfall, smell the rosemary, basil and lemon trees and just enjoy a glass of wine or maybe end your meal with a coffee avec. The sensation of tranquility.