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Bicycle rentals

In our beautiful area there are many opportunities for cycling. We have several bikes for hire for a minimum fee.

Scenic tour
You can explore the Spanish countryside with its vineyards and olive groves with a picnic basket and maybe a bottle of wine.

Our area is frequently used as a training area for both professionals and others that take the sport seriously. We recommend you bringing your own bike.

For those of you who are especially interested: the helmet factory Catlike has its main office here in Yecla. Why not pay them a visit?

Masterclass Cooking

Learn the secrets of excellent cooking from the master himself. Our head chef can, upon request, give you a first hand masterclass in the food of your choice.We can also suggest a menu for you.

Enjoy your own cooking afterwards in our restaurant where we will help you compliment your food with the perfect wine.

Masterclasses require a minimum of six participants.


Hunting in Spain is truly an experience, Spain is one of the European countries with the most hunters and most game. The spanish way of hunting is using up to 100 dogs which gives you an unique hunting experience The main game is ibex, mountain goats, mouflon, deer and wild boar. Hunting is done mostly in mountainous areas, so you should be fairly well trained, depending on the game.

Tell us what kind of game you want and we will put together the perfect hunting expedition. We also offer a companion program if there are non hunters in your group!

Wine Courses

For you who are especially interested or if you just want to learn more: let us show you the ropes!

We start in the vineyard and we will explain the different grapevines, how we work with them and all the challenges we face as farmers. We then go on with a tour of the winery where you will see the production line, hear the history of the beginning, and of our plans for the future. We will show a short film of our first harvest and you will see the machinery first hand. Being a small winery it is easier to see the whole picture.

Then we will proceed to the cellar where we will taste our wines, together with a meat and cheese platter.. We will talk about the different styles and aromas and maybe you will be able to taste the difference between the types of grapes.

Feel free to ask any questions along the way!

City Trip to Murcia

How about a day in Murcia?
40 minutes drive from Casa Boquera lies the wonderful city of Murcia.
Murcia has everything a big city can offer, great shopping, nice restaurants, exciting history and culture.

Murcia is Spain’s sixth largest city and is often called the garden of Europe, due to the large amounts of fruits and vegetables grown in the region. It was the Moors who founded the city, and in the 1700s the city had a tremendous growth due to its silk industry. The architecture that characterizes the city center is from the 1700s, and several magnificent cathedrals and other historic buildings can be experienced while wandering the streets.

It is in the area around the Teatro Romea you step into the charming narrow streets of Old Town. It is an experience to walk the streets and see one beautiful building after another, with nice shops and inviting restaurants. Places worth seeing are the Cathedral, the magnificent Town Hall, Palacio Episcopal (Archbishop’s Palace from 1748), Real Casino de Murcia and Plaza de Las Flores. The latter is a beautiful flower room with their fragrant azahar flower, fountain and cozy little tapas bars. Museo de la Ciudad gives you the exciting history.

You can do some amazing shopping in Murcia. Around El Corte Ingles you will find Zara and several other famous shops. Go down the main street and shops pop up everywhere.

Upon request we can take you for an exciting day trip to this beautiful city. Just tell us what you are interested in!

Tour of Yecla

The city of Yecla was founded in X century during the Almoravid period, and is, together with Jumilla, the main city in the Murcian Northeastern area.

Approximately 15 minutes from Casa Boquera, the city and its
environment, with its cultural, archaeological and gastronomic diversity, will enhance the experience of visiting our accommodation.
There are many tours to enjoy. You can follow ancient steps through archaeological sites like the ones in “Monte Arabí” and “Torrejones”, visit a number of monuments, like “Yecla Castle” and “Concha Segura Theatre”, or museums, like “Replicas del Greco”. Yecla has a beautiful cathedral, La Purisima, which is a must to see!

If you are looking to enjoy our Spanish nature, we are surrounded by the
“Salinas Mountain Range” where the highest point is the national park of
“El Carche”.with its 1370 meters. Here you will find many roads and trails for walking, biking or trips with our quads. And of course, hunting.

The Casa Boquera guests can join in the many festivals of Yecla , the major one being San Isidro in the middle of May, but also the carnival in February and the wine festivals in the autumn. Not forgetting the celebrations and possessions of Easter and Christmas!

Yecla is, and has been, the major quality furniture producers in Spain and is host to one of the most important furniture fairs in the world “The Furniture Fair of Yecla”, So if you are looking for furniture, this is the place to be!

Fortuna Hot Springs and Spa

Baños de Fortuna is about 40 minutes drive from Casa Boquera and is considered one of the main tourist resorts in Spain when it comes to health and wellness.

The Leana resort is known for its hot springs, and has been used as a health bath dating back to Roman times. The natural hot springs rises from the earth in several places and has a temperature of 52-53 degrees Celsius. The water should be very rich when it comes to healthful content, and has always been popular for people with chronic diseases and rheumatism. In addition, it is also popular as a bathing resort for another and very logical reason: The water is warm all year round! The resort offers other activities like spa or arabic baths.

There is also another, although a bit more unknown, bathing and health location: La Fuente.

La Fuente is below Leana, and at first glance it looks just like a campsite. This is wrong. La Fuente also has its own hot springs, and boasts a 15 meter pool consisting of a variety of jacuzzis, bubble beds, jacuzzy, jets and massage facilities for back and neck. The water has a temperature of around 36 degrees, and portions of the pool is covered for a glass roof, while the rest is under the open sky.

We can upon request arrange trips to both of these attractions.

Mountain Walks and Climbing

Mountain walks

Casa Boquera borders to a National Park where the mountain El Carche is located with its 1372meters over the sea. Here there are many opportunities for hiking in the mountains, from smaller walks straight out from the accommodation, to whole day trips. Tell us what you would like and we will help you find a tour adjusted to your personal wishes and abilities. The national park is covered in rosemary and is known for its rich birdlife and beautiful views. We offer picnic baskets to make the day complete.


We also have contact with the local climbing group which may on request take guests on an exciting climbing experience.

Olive Oil Production

Casa Boquera has a round 100 olive trees. Some over 150 years old. We deliver our olives to an olive press nearby and then use our own olive oil at our restaurant or offer it for sale at our shop in the Bodega. We would like to take you to the press and let you see the process in which after you can taste the different types.

Did you know that green and black olives come from the same tree? Its the time of harvest that determines the final colour…

Sunday Market

Every Sunday there is large market just outside of the centrum of Yecla. Here you can find everything except tourists! A genuine spanish market with fruits and vegetables of the season, clothes and shoes, flowers, pastries, toys and gifts and lots more.

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