Care and Custody

Casa Boquera Wines

Welcome as a Casa Boquera VIP member to our wine cellar, the heart of Bodega Casa Boquera.
We wish to offer you the best possible way of looking after your Casa Boquera wines and for you to obtain the most joy and best knowledge of these wonderful contents.

We can offer you:

The Wine Cabinet

Open cabinett sealed by a cast iron door with your own private key.

All cabinetts will contain, when purchased from Casa Boquera, 10 bottles of our very first production, all numbered and signed.

Private key to the VIP room seating up to eight persons.


Climate controlled envoirement.
Stable temperatur of 12 degress centigrade.
55% – 75% relative humidity.
Ideal, stable storage conditions.
No ultraviolet or infrared exposure.


Once a year we will arrange an exclusive VIP members only dinner at a membership price.

Our winecellar is exclusivly for VIP members only. You have the opportunity to host a winetasting event with your own wines with up to 7 other guests. This is free of charge. A cheese and meat platter can be ordered prior to arrival for a fee.

The winemaker or cellar master can join you upon request. Time permitting.

All events arranged by Casa Boquera will be presented to our VIP members first, a week before announcing to the public.

Invitation to a VIP members only masterclass with Michelin chef Fran Martinez, pairing your wines to the most delicious foods at a membership price.


Every three months our cellar master, Jorge, will send our VIP members an email with an update on our wines, the latest harvest, our newest productions, which wines are ready to consume and which wines you can wait with.
He will also give you the latest news on what events we can offer you as VIP members of Casa Boquera.

Other benifits

The possibility of bringing your own wine to our restaurant for a service fee.

Presentation and first chance to purchase this years vintage at a membership price.

Special VIP membership offers announced by email.

Opening hours

By appointment only.

Terms and prices

The cabinetts/VIP memberships are to be purchased at a fixed price and can later be sold to a new member if wanted. Casa Boquera must be informed of such a prosess and a new registration fee will apply. We will keep a waiting list of candidates if needed.

There will be a monthly rate to be paid the first of every month. This will be paid to Bodega Casa Boquera from whoever owns the cabinett at all times. The lack of monthly payment will, after a prior warning, result in the cabinett automatically returning to Bodega Casa Boquera`s ownership with all its contents.The cabinett can be sold back to Casa Boquera for the same price originally purchased from us with a three months notice.

VIP members will have unlimited use of the winecellar for tasting and hosting purposes permitting it is not already reserved by another member. Reservations are therefor required.

Price List

Cabinett: 1000 euro
Monthly rate: 40 euro
New registration fee (when sold to a new member): 100 euro

Membership prices for wines: -10%
Service fee for your private wines in restaurant: 5 euro per bottle
Meat and cheese platter: 5 euro per person