Our Winery

Casa Boquera

Casa Boquera is a small family winery where our main goal is to promote quality before quantity. It is situated in the midst of our vineyards and ensures short distances from the vine to the production line. This is vital to create the best quality wines.

The soil is lime bearing with thick subsoil containing high amounts of carbonate. The toppsoil is sandy and deep and keeps the vines moistered. A great area that results in wines with a distinct terroir character.

Our main grape is Monastrell, the preferred variety of the district, but we also have syrah, petit verdot and garnache tintorera. For whites we have chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and moscatel, but just a small amount. We produce mainly reds and a little white and rosè.

The winery was built spring 2016 and our winemaker has been deeply involved in the whole prosess. His philosophy is to always take care of the grape and the wine by making sure the conditions inside the building is optimal for the correct conservation. We need to avoid using preservatives that can reduse the quality.

The harvesting is done by hand and the grapes are placed into small boxes to ensure maximun quality and prevent any premature oxidation. We do a small selection already in the fields and then a second selection in the winery using a selection table. We manually separate the grapes from leaves and branches. We also remove grapes that do not have an optimal ripening stage or is rotten in any way. And the best feature: it takes only a few hours from the grape is cut from the vine til it enters the stainless steel tanks.

The entire fermentation process is done in stainless steel tanks and takes about 10 days. At the end the grapes are pressed through a pneumatic press, respecting the stucture of the grapes and therefore only pressing them, not crushing. The quality of the juice will determine if its destiny is to be a young wine or to be matured in oak barrels, either French or American.

All our wines are ecological and preserves the personality of the area. They have deep ruby red colours that also are the characteristic of the monastrell grape. This variety dominates our production but we will in the future produce both rose and white wines. Our total production will reach 100 000 bottles a year.